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This Course is For You If You Are

0-1 year practitioner

Level up your skill and acquire in-depth knowledge of the essential skill modules.

Fresh graduates

Help you gain a 360 degree understanding on e-commerce industry and work practices.

Making change of careers

Help you establish the right foundation and secure the ticket for your first career in the industry.

Why Take This START Academy Program?

Learn with the best

We have assemble a team of instructor whom have experience in roll up their sleeves started their own e-commerce company, lead a team and work in the industry to transfer the experience and knowledge over to you.

7 Core Industry Aligned Skill Modules

We have crafted 7 core essential modules after analyse more than 1000+ job requirement, in-depth interview with 100+ entrepreneur and HR professional, 40+ interview with junior and senior executive in the e-commerce industry. Helping you equip with the right skillset and mindset to be job ready for the employment in the e-commerce industry.

Module 1 - Industry outlook & career planning
  1. What exactly is e-commerce and how does the career outlook?
  2. How does company develop affect the role of e-commerce practitioner?
  3. What should you do to become fast learner and achieve high performance in the industry.
  4. Identify daily task from e-commerce practitioner and craft your career plan.
Module 2 - How to write a compelling & high conversion copy writing
  1. Type of copywriting & content that widely adopt & use.
  2. 3 types of classic model that help you write a compelling copywriting & content.
  3. How to write a high clickthrough rate title for banner & email.
  4. Write 5 types of different copywriting & content with our industry partner case study
Module 3 - How to plan & execute a campaign?
  1. Introduction to value of campaign and why is it important
  2. Magical formula to generate idea for different campaign
  3. How to craft, plan & manage a campaign end to end
Module 4 - Maximize organisation voice on impact on digital space through social media
  1. What do you need to do social media?
  2. Strategy for running successful social media
  3. What is UGC and why is it important?
  4. Identify tending topic, relationship building & campaign.
Module 5 - Understand your user a.k.a your customer
  1. Understand the role of user management function.
  2. AARRR model in building an effective user management model.
  3. User segmentation by leveraging RFM model.
  4. What is the metrics to measure in user management.
Module 6 - Managing growth - traffic & conversion
  1. What is marketplace and how do you choose your sales channel?
  2. Different ways to increase exposure to brands and potentially driving traffic to the website/shop
  3. Tips in creating a irresistible and high conversion landing page
  4. Common mistake that e-commerce practioner make and how to avoid them. 
Module 7 - Operations & Supply Chain
  1. Understand the role and mechanism of data driven operation
  2. Develop a sustainable digital operation framework for any size of organisation
  3. Align organisation objective with the business model & strategy
Module 8 - Analytics
  1. Value and fundamental of data analytics 
  2. Navigating and managing business manager / google analytics
  3. Intepreting data and generate report / dashboard

Takeaway With A Portfolio Of Real Life Experience

12 real world projects + 1 graduation project that help you build up your skill systematic and scientifically.

Immersive Learning System That Ensure Effective Learning For Students

Class Monitoring System

Expert Roundtable Sharing

1v1 Feedback From Trainer

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Recognise by industry & Job Funneling Opportunity

We have partnered with more than 50+ industry expert that will be ready to hire

Pilot Semester | Nov - Dec 19

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Pay nothing until you get a job in the industry.

RM7,000 RM3,000 (Payback period up to 24 months)

Available Slots – 15 slots

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If you felt that you’ve wasted your time during our training, not being able to learn anything. Talk to us so that you don’t have to waste your money as well. Even if you just had a bad day with your girl friend, and felt that you didn’t learn anything from our course, do not hesitate to hit us up, we’ll be glad to assist your request. However, we’ll just keep RM1.00 from your course fee, as a sign of friendship. Okay?